• Industry courses and accreditations

    Choose from a range of courses focused on different areas of the global supply chain industry.

  • Corporate compliance courses

    Specialized compliance training courses for individuals, teams and organizations.

  • Nationally recognised training

    Nationally recognised online learning to help you launch or advance your career.

Industry Training Made Easy

Do you want the flexibility to upskill your people with the
knowledge they need, when they need it?
WiseTech Academy can help.

Flexible Learning

We offer flexible, convenient and affordable online learning to suit individual members of your team or your organization as a whole.

Whether it's Corporate Compliance or International Trade, our online courses are designed to help you take care of your organization's bulk training needs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

We Make It Easy for You

Our online courses are targeted, engaging and easy to access.

That way, you and your team can complete them as and when you need to instead of being locked into a lengthy and costly course.

Simply choose the programs that best suit your team and organization, and equip your people with the skills and knowledge they need to become more efficient and productive in their roles.

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