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Australian Privacy Law

The Privacy course covers Australian privacy laws, including your obligations when collecting and managing sensitive information.

  • Image3 Hours
  • ImageSuitable for all students
  • ImageEnglish
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  • Includes Video Introductions
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  • Certificate of Completion
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What You'll Learn

The Privacy course covers Australian privacy laws, including your obligations when collecting and managing sensitive information.

The content for this course covers the essential aspects of Australian privacy laws, including topics such as:

What Is Privacy and Why Is It Important?

How to deal with personal and sensitive information, Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), and what happens if we breach the law.

Our Privacy Obligations

Privacy policies and codes, plus our obligations when collecting personal and/or health information.

Use and Disclosure

Basic rules on how to deal with authorities.

Accuracy and Security

Data security and record keeping. Consumer credit information Optional module on handling credit and financial information.

Course Content

Key Topics

  • Keeping and using employee records
  • Transfer of personal information to related companies
  • Use of customer information within a company including accuracy, security and accessibility
  • Cooperation with law enforcement agencies
  • Use and disclosure of personal information for direct marketing
  • Email, Internet and privacy
  • Sensitivity and health records
  • The program includes specialist sections, if required, dealing with consumer credit information and the specific rules for telecommunications companies.

Learning Objectives

After completing the ComplianceNet Privacy course employees can be expected to:

  • understand what "privacy" means and what the privacy rules are;
  • understand how the privacy laws affect the way you do business;
  • know what they need to do to help you comply with the privacy laws;
  • know the particular rules relating to consumer credit information; and
  • know the particular rules that apply to telecommunications organisations.


Multiple Choice Assessment available for Certificate of Completion.

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